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How to report taxes when you live in one state and work in another?

It is very possible that you live in one state and work in another. If so, you may face some confusion while filing your tax return. State laws may require you to file a tax return in multiple states, increasing your chance of error during the tax return process. Other situations may also require you to file a tax return in multiple states, including but not limited to moving during the tax year or having a short term job/internship in another state during the tax year. If you work in one state and live in another or face a similar situation, please continue reading below to learn about the tax reporting requirements of living in one state and working in another. Related Posts -  File your taxes online for free: The IRS Free File Program -  State Tax Refunds: Are state tax refunds taxable? -  Four reasons why you should file your tax return early -  Tax Tips for Bloggers: Four things every blogger should know What are the tax filing requirements when working in a different

The Latest in Tax News: April 2020 Edition

Textbook Tax presents its monthly tax news update. A quick read discussing various tax news, tax stories, and tax events trending in the world of tax during the month. The following tax topics cover the month of April 2020. The tax topics presented represent my favorites in tax news and tax-related events. Please comment any tax news stories you found interesting for the month of April. Additionally, please email me or connect with me on social media for the monthly tax news update sent straight to you! Related Posts -- Prior Weeks' Tax News -  January 2020 - February 2020 -  March 2020 COVID-19 News  -  Coronavirus (COVID-19) Tax Impact - Will you get a stimulus check? Explaining the $2 trillion stimulus package -  Coronavirus (COVID-19) Tax Impact - Relief from timely filing of 2019 Federal income tax returns Tax News for April 2020 Tax Topic: Many countries easing the tax residency rules due to the virus Tax Story Summary: Several countries reassure